Monday, October 20, 2014

Cat Locked Up!

Freed Chuck
When I arrived home after work, the hubby said both Angel and Chuck were sleeping upstairs; Angel under my old wool sweater draped on a chair, and Chuck in his favorite box covered with a blanket.  Just as we finished dinner, I heard a knocking noise, and thought the neighbor's were working on their house next door.  However, a peek outside proved that no one was moving around.  I heard a scrambling sound, and a faint meowing.  I launched myself upstairs, and opened all the rooms and looked under the beds.  Found Angel, but I could not find Chuck.  I came downstairs again, and heard some more noises.  Up I went again, and this time I found him.  He had slipped into the coat closet, and couldn't get the door open once the hubby had closed it tight.  The hubby was very, VERY apologetic, and once Chuck was sprung from his couple-hour-long imprisonment (with the vacuum cleaner accessories), he didn't seem the worse for wear. 

Moral of the story:  ALWAYS do a cat check!  


  1. Yeah, we have both been shut in the closet as well.

    Thanks for stopping by for my purrthday.

  2. Chuck, I completely sympathize with you. I've been "forgotten" and locked in closets or in the garage. We black kitties need a little SOS flasher to let our humans know where we're at.

  3. Poor Chuck! The worst bit is the vacuum cleaner parts...


  4. Oh poor Chuck! Sorry he was locked in closet but glad he was freed :-)
    We've done that, too. Goro likes to slip in laundry room and hide behind dryer. Gotta always, always do cat check!

  5. sum bodeez dad { chuckz} owes sum kitteh { chuck }

    BIG TIME...

    dood. play it for all itz werth...ya knead a new cat tree huh ☺

  6. Chuck, we are so happy you survived!
    We hope you were given some goodies
    for your trauma ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Gosh, Chuck! I hope you got some special treats for that ordeal!

  8. You mean the sucky monster didn't get him? Whew! Chuck, buddy, you surely escaped death! Sending purrs...

  9. Poor Chuck! Wilbur got trapped in the guest bathroom the other day - fortunately he was only in there for about 5 minutes, because he started meowing right away.

  10. Uh oh! Somebuddy owes Chuck lots of treats for his mistake!

  11. Good idea- for some reason cats love to get into closets.

  12. Yikes! I always do a cat check before I leave or if I haven't seen one of the kitties for a while. Glad it all worked out ok! Prison is no fun, especially to be locked away with the suck-monster parts! Oh my!


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