Friday, November 14, 2014

Score!...and more...

I won prizes from 15 and Meowing!  How cool is that!  The white ball was an instant hit with Chuck and Angel; it was spitty in a very short time.  I'm holding the other toys back, to introduce slowly.  Thanks so much!  I have to find the perfect outfit to wear with the black cat pin; as if the folks at the office aren't already aware of my cattitude!

P.S. Chuck seems to be okay with his transdermal mood enhancer (starts with a Z), although we had one 'over the edge' urination yesterday.  The hubby and I both agree that Chuck probably has arthritis; the vet had mentioned that she saw it in his radiograph years ago.  That''s why I was adding the oil to his food!  But the vet wanted me to quit that, which I did for a couple of days.  Therefore, I am adding just a little bit of flax seed oil again, and no accidents of any kind since.  More on this in a future post

P.S.S. Was just outside to give Patty and Sweetie their nighttime snack; I filled up their water bucket, and Patty ran out in front of me and tried to zip inside the house as I opened the door!  I was able to block him, and he ran away.  But now my emotions are mixed up.  What was that all about?!  Well...obviously, I know what Patty wants, but he cannot have it.  He's got everything he needs, 24/7.  Guess I'm a big softy, and he's taking advantage.  As if I don't feel rotten enough as Winter descends on us, and Patty and Sweetie are living outside; in a heated shelter, with a bucket of clean water and too much food (Fatty Patty!).  Still, I'm not a happy camper...especially after that.  Geez!


  1. Congratulations on winning the prize. They all look wonderful! The black kitty pin is very cute!
    Glad Chuck seems to be doing well. Oh the Patty incident must have shaken your heart. But yes...he's got everything and you are really wonderful to him and Sweetie. They are very lucky to have you xoxo

  2. Outstanding!

    Chuck, keep getting better, bud!

    Aw, Patty was just being the Curious Cat. I think he knows he's got a pretty good thing going!

  3. My crew loved their toys from 15 and meowing too! FYI, they wash up great in the machine. Isn't it always something with our kitties?

  4. Wow, that's some great stuff you won. You got a turkey leg!!!

  5. Thanks for posting about your prize and I am glad the kitties like them. I would feel bad too not letting Patty in, but you are doing a lot to make the ferals lives better.

  6. Thank you for doing all you are doing for the outside kitties. That is so much more than most people would do. Congrats on your toys! Sending purrs to Chuck! PURRS.....

  7. guys...way kewl N conga ratz on winnin all de goods frum 15 & meowing !! sa~wheet ....

    N kittehz DUE haza way oh playin with emotionz....sure N enuff de minit patty getted IN....him wood want bak... OUT ♥♥♥

    1. No truer words were every written! Once let in, he'd want to be OUT again! Thank you, Tabbies, for your words of wisdom...

  8. Pawsome gifts! They will keep the kitties amused for a while.
    Purrs for Chuck and hope he keeps doing well.
    We like "da tabbies o trout towne", comment about Patty :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. that is a super cute cat pin!! congrats on winning

  10. that is a super cute cat pin!! congrats on winning


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