12 November, 2014


The veterinarian suggested that Chuck may be suffering from stress, caused by the enormous amount of banging, screeching, and yelling at what's left of the house two lots away.  She also thought I should cut back on the enzymes and oil that we mix into his food.  Gave me a syringe of liquid mood-stabilizer, to be rubbed into Chuck's ear once a day.  He's only had two doses, but the hubby and I can tell the difference already.  No sign of IE (improper elimination) so far!  The vet also saw no additional signs of arthritis, which is why I was adding the oil, so that's good.  (Whisper: he's also added a bit of weight, so dropping the oil will reduce the caloric intake.)  Thanks for all the well wishes for a good outcome to the vet visit; I'll admit to being a fair bit worried for our boy.
Chucky staring down the bug
Angel ready to pounce!
The green bug is almost at the top of the table leg
A bright green grasshopper-like bug got in the house, and Chuck and Angel each tracked it for a long time.  In the end, however, I put the thing out of it's misery after being pawed and pounced on.  The photos are sub par because it's too darn dark in the early evening!  Yeah, I'm grumbling...

In addition to the noisy neighbor, we had an electrician working on the house all day, with drilling and hammering; weird noises coming from the basement (the one place that Chuck and Angel are NOT allowed), and strangers in the house.  It was enough to scare Patty O'Malley too, but for only a minute, then he was looking over the electrician's work van.  Sweetie did not come out of hiding for any food, until the evening after the guy had packed up and left.

"Think I'll stay hidden here!"
"Anything interesting in there?"


  1. I'm so glad Chuck is better already! Here's to continued serenity!

    Noise is never any fun. There was an alien in the house today who first scared us with the doorbell and then walking around up on the roof too. Mom says we got the cooler winterized and the furnace up and running (and not a moment too soon, too) but really that guy was scary. (Exactly the type my old bro Russell would have been all over, but not us--we hid.)

    Was your bug a preying mantis? I love those!

  2. I'm so happy Chuck's got no arthritis or instestinal or serious issues! Stress is major issue, too, but I'm glad mood-stabilizer is helping him :-)
    I hope work at neighbor will be done soon and noise will stop. One of my boys is very scared of delivery trucks and every time it drives by, he gets nervous.
    Sounds like Patty was a good supervisor when electrician was there!
    Have a great day xoxo

  3. Chucky...dood...glad yur appoint mint at de place oh eeeevil wented sew good...continmewed blessings frum R pal frank for more good health N we hope by now all de noiz frum de nay bor hood az gone a way for everee ones sake ♥♥♥♥

  4. Mom uses liquid mood stabilizer too. It's called Jim Beam.

  5. We're glad that Chucky is beginning to do better. We'd be real interested in what that liquid mood stabilizer is.

  6. There's lots of activity going on at your house! Hopefully Chucky will feel better and won't need the calming meds after all the commotion dies down.

  7. glad to hear the mood stabilizers worked so well.. and so quickly!


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