Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twin Kitties And Other Neighborhood Sights

While taking my evening walk in the neighborhood, I caught sight of some cool things!

Aries, the backyard neighbor's cat, begging for kibble...
Yikes!  Fatty Patty is a major chubby...maybe I should feed some of HIS kibble to Aries after all...
My two-doors-down neighbor's cats.  I don't know their names, but I was told they are sisters who were rescued from an animal shelter...yay!  So, I've made up my own names for these two floofy-tailed beauties...
Pearl, because she is black with grey on her shoulders.  She lets me pet her a little bit then runs away, and...
This is closest I've ever gotten to her!
I am trying to make friends with these two, since they show up in our yard daily, but mostly run away when humans appear.  Don't like that they are outside a lot, but at least they aren't strays.  I do not want to start feeding them, like Aries (above), however, I've got my eye on them...
A hornet's nest in the tree I walk under almost EVERY DAY!  Gives me the willies to think about them, but I was never harmed...
Pretty decorations around a front door!
Sidewalk art left over from Thanksgiving.  Walking on rainbows!...
Lots of lights at this house!
This trellis is festive!
P.S. Our friend Orbit is still unwell, and his people are worried.  Sending purrs to Pooplogs and Peeballs, wishing the whole family comfort.


  1. You have lots of beautiful kitties in your neighborhood.

  2. Such fluffy and beautiful black kitties!
    What a fun to have a walk, and meet neighbor kitties and enjoy Christmas decorations :-) Those Christmas lights are very lovely!

  3. The lights are so pretty! And you sure have a lot of cats in your neighborhood. We agree, too bad they are outside a lot.

  4. there are lovely sights in your neighborhood for sure!

  5. veree nice ta meet ewe Aries, pearl & opal !!! hope everee one iz havin a mackerull kinda monday & heerz two a grate week a head ♥♥♥

  6. What a nice neighborhood you have. I don't like cats being outside unsupervised either.

  7. You have such fun things to see!

    At least Pearl and Opal know a friend to all cats when they see one!

  8. We like your neighbourhood and the kitties in it :)
    Pearl and Opal are very cute!
    We are purring for Orbit too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Beautiful things to see on your walk!


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