03 December, 2014

Angel Has Garlic Breath

In the hubby's arms
Being vegans, the hubby and I rarely eat out due to a lack of good places to eat.  Hey, this is Metro Detroit, not California!  Anyhow, we have a few favorite restaurants that serve great vegetable-based meals, and some have this stuff they call garlic sauce. It's raw, whipped garlic, and it's pure heaven to eat.  You must eat this with a close friend, because you cannot be around anyone else without bowling them over with your breath...seriously.

When we bring home a serving of garlic sauce, Angel gets all excited about it!  She will lick it right off my fingers, or from a piece of toast that's been buttered with the stuff. We do NOT allow her to have too much, but it's fun to watch her enjoy herself!


  1. I know you know that garlic is toxic to cats and you don't let Angel eat much, but I'd be really hesitant to let her lick much more than a few specks. I'm surprised she likes garlic. Butter - oh yeah! - but garlic? you have a strange kitty. :-) .

  2. Haha, kitty with garlic breath! I know you keep close eye on Angel and let her have just a tiny bit so she can enjoy it! But Angel...you sure are strange kitty :-)

  3. Funny kitty. Mine don't like the smell of it. I am on a restricted diet too - it is hard to find good places to eat.

  4. angel

    thanx for de tip...de food serviss gurl iz a veggie az well...N yes, tryin ta find good stuff out ta eat... sew her can bring sum home ina dawg bag... iz kinda hard ta due...tho de bags R just az fun sum times !! ♥♥♥

  5. I know what you mean about needing to eat garlic so you won't notice anyone else's garlic breath :) Cute photo.

  6. I think that would be way worse than fishie breath. But hey, I like V8.


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