28 December, 2014

My 2015 Cat Resolutions

Angel and her catnip toy
Chucky chillin'
Sweetie at the food bowl
Patty, with cute turned up to 11
Wild Bill Russell
Sammy ?-2014
My 2015 Cat Resolutions

For Angel and Chuck:
1) I resolve to put quality in our time together; toy play with Angel, and one-on-one with Chuck.
2) I resolve to finish the transition to wheat litter, in hopes that it reduces Chuck's intestinal issues.
3) I resolve to allow solutions to cat problems to grow organically with time, rather than jump to conclusions, or react with panic, or feel pressure to fix it NOW.
4) I resolve to find a new veterinarian, preferably a holistic practitioner.

For the 'o' cats:
1) I resolve to take both Sweetie and Patty in for veterinary check-ups in the Spring.  No more wishy-washy 'should I, shouldn't I?' about this.  Can't do it now, because we have no electricity for a heater in the barn as holding area, and it's too cold out now.
2) I resolve to TNR the elusive Wild Bill Russell.  
3) I resolve to put Sammy's heart-shaped container in a place that I can see daily.

For friends and family:
2) I resolve to encourage all cat-loving people that I meet to give 100% of themselves to their feline family members.

For myself:
1) I resolve to work on my own health, so I can offer positive vibes and attitude to the hubby, my people and cat families, and to my co-workers.  This includes physical exercise and mental relaxation.  2015 is my year for joy, humor, and growth!  
2) I resolve to re-establish electricity to the barn, by sweetly encouraging the hubby to GET IT DONE.


  1. Those are great resolutions! I also have to work on not to react with panic or feel pressure to fix it now for problems!
    We wish you a very happy and healthy new year!!

  2. Great resolutions! We know you can do it! :)

  3. Great selfies- you are all adorable. I hope you can achieve everything on your list- especially the one that involves your hubby, that would be most difficult for me :)

  4. I like the word "intentions" instead of resolutions, but yours are great ones!

  5. Those are marvelous resolutions :)
    Start with yourself first.
    A happy ,healthy you can do wonders ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Great photos of the gang. That's an ambitious list for next year.

  7. Those are great. Love the photos too! I think my mom's only resolution this year is to try not to add any more family members!

  8. guys...theeze be grate rez o lutionz yur mom did...de one we liked de best wuz number 7...

    7} de cats get any thing N everee thing they want like 24/7...inn cloodin cash money, treetz & canned goodz !! ♥

  9. Yippee for resolutions... especially those that include electricity to the barn! Can't wait to hear about Wild Bill Russell!

  10. Great resolutions. I am working on clearing out my house of all tings I don't need and for me - to focus on me this year, my health, and what brings me joy.


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