Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Hawk?

From the window

A close-up

Yep, that's what I saw!
On New Year's Eve morning, I spied a hawk sitting on the wires in front of the house. One usually sees Red-tailed Hawks in the country, while perched on a tree branch or snag.  So what was this one doing in the suburbs?  Was it a symbol of the old year 'flying' away, or the New Year poised and ready for action?  Hmmm...

Hawks will attack cats, so I've read; glad Patty and Sweetie were in the backyard! Those talons and fierce beak look dangerous. The bird flew off after ten minutes, but I'll keep watch from now on...just in case.


  1. Oh yeah, we've had a hawk hanging 'round our house lately too. We watch it safely from the inside!

  2. Definitely a Red-tailed hawk. The belly band is a dead give away.

  3. I am glad Patty and Sweetie were safe too.

  4. Red-tailed hawks are very cool. I see them where I live (which is in the suburbs of Detroit) all the time. Sometimes there are a couple that sit on the light poles in my apartment complex's parking lot and yell at each other. As mentioned by others, watching them from inside is the best idea.

    1. Robin, I'm in the suburbs of Detroit too!

  5. We sometimes see hawks, too, but usually they are flying around up high. Never seen them so close. Glad Patty and Sweetie were in the backyard.

  6. We saw a hawk here a few weeks ago.
    We hope that guy was passing through and the outdoor kitties are safe.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. My father used firecrackers to make hawks fly away. The hawks liked to hang around the yard because our parents had bird feeders.

    Large hawks and owls will not only attack but also carry off a small cat or kitten :-(

  8. We are out in the country so see many hawks. They go after the birds at the feeder. Happy New Year!

  9. deer cod in de seaz....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    dam stooooooooooopid rood hawk....we will tell ya just how stoooooooopid de hawk in R naybor hood iz....

    thiz summer him waz eatin a carcass...N nothin wuz left oh de carcass by de time he finded it TWO eat....

    bass terd burd


  10. Good for you for being safe inside! We have a resident hawk too. Those are some mighty, eatin'-size birds!

  11. Wow! I hope the O cats stay safe from him!

    We had a Cooper's hawk family in the big tree we had at the house. They were a lot of fun to watch, but the young ones were trained by their parents in the front yard to hunt, We had a whole lot of half-eaten little birdies while they were learning!


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