Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Stop cussin' at the Weather Channel!"

Temps for this week
That's what the hubby tells me almost every day!  It's too darn cold out there, and I get mad at the TV that continues to spew unwanted data.

Ice from the 'o' cats water bucket
However...Houston, we have a problem!  Today was the first time in weeks that I've been able to get my hands on Patty O'Malley, since it's been so cold and I have to keep my gloves or mittens on.  And while putting my meat hooks all over Patty, I found a lump on one shoulder and an injury scabbed over on the other.  That lump is an abscess, my friends, and it's not going to go away on it's own.

I called the vet's office, and they said they had time if I brought him in RIGHT NOW. So, I gamely grabbed a cat carrier, and went outside to try to stuff Patty into it.

Hahaha!  Yeah, right.  I barely made it out of that fracas with all of my fingers, and Patty ran away to hide under the car.  I called the vet back to cancel, then dragged the drop trap out of hiding, covered it with landscape fabric, and set it up on the feeding station.

Drop trap now in action!

Patty is already halfway there
In the next few days, I'll move the food bowls deeper underneath and remove one stick, so I can get Patty 'way inside when I pull the string and the trap drops around him.  He'll be mad, but I'll be able to get him to the veterinarian to check him out.  The temps are going to dip down so low...with that four-letter word that starts with S_ _ _...that I would rather he stay in The Cat Hotel with Sweetie to keep warm and dry, until it gets above freezing next weekend.  Plus, it gives me a few days to work on trapping him.  

This procedure worked when I trapped Sammy in May 2014.  Sammy was wise to all of my other trapping tricks, so camouflaging the drop trap as the food station awning was my last idea, and it worked.  Don't think that what happened to Sammy (Rest in Peace, baby) isn't weighing heavily on my mind, but I will not make Patty suffer because I'm being a weenie.  I love these cats!  And, it's my responsibility to keep them healthy and as safe as possible.  

Wish me luck on my new trapping expedition, and I will continue to cuss at the Weather Channel!


  1. We are purring hard that you can catch Patty and get him to the vet.
    We purr the abscess can be fixed too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. You totally deserve to cuss at the weather channel. It's way too cold!
    I wish good luck for trapping and taking Patty to the vet. I hope he will be ok. Stay warm and have a great new week xoxo

  3. It's very cold.
    Good luck catching Patty.
    Stay warm.

  4. patty...dood...let de mom catch ya buddy, it will be quik, ewe will get fixed up N heeled up N feel a BAZILLION times better, N we will cuzz de weatherz channel az well... just sew we got sum thin else ta cuzz bee sides nay borz & burdz ♥

    de blessings oh st francis two ewe dood....bee well ♥♥♥

  5. Oh dear. I hope you can trap him and get him a room in the hotel. Soon.

  6. Now, you *know* we cats are not fooled by stuff like this. But I'm sure Patty knows you've only got his best interests at heart--and I hope catching him will be easy-ish this time!

    In the meantime, stay warm, all!

  7. We're purring that you catch Patty soon. It's suppose to warm up later this week...if you call low 30s warm. ;)

  8. I pray you catch Patty and he can be helped- maybe even decide he wants to be indoors..

  9. Paws and fingers crossed! Could you get an oral antibiotic to add to his food?

  10. Crossing all our paws! We want Patty warm and well too!

  11. you are one of the kindest souls ever. Praying you are able to get Patty to the vet and bless you for doing so!


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