Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hey, what the...?
Are you looking at me?
Begging hard, using cute as bait
One last tail flick...
A begging squirrel jumped on the car hood, while I was enjoying my lunch today.  The park is less than a mile from my office, and the sun was bright and inviting, but I stayed inside.  When this cheeky squirrel realized his cuteness wasn't scoring any yummies from me, he scampered away with a final tail flick.  I think he flipped me off with that tail!

Am sending purrs and warm thoughts to the folks on the East Coast whose lives are disrupted by the snow storm.  Stay safe, y'all!


  1. How cute :) Is that a black one? There are some like that down the road from us, but we only get the gray ones. We lucked out and only got 7 inches , but Worcester ( an hour away) got 31 inches.

  2. I wonder if his name is William. What do you think?

    That reminds my mom of when she was back in Providence. She'd eat lunch in her car every now and then and seagulls would land on the hood of her car, looking for a treat! They had a hard time of it, though, because their feet would skid off the finish! Ha ha ha ha!

  3. Oh he is so cute! We don't see squirrels with black coat around here.
    Too bad for him that his cuteness didn't work to get a snack :-) But he looks kind of chubby :-)

  4. guys...tell yur mom itza good thing her stayed in de car...squirrel iz az vizshuz az deer...look at him...foto two...if heez knot tryin ta figure out how ta nab de car keys, call uz burd loverz....♥

  5. OMC! We woulda loved to get that cheeky squirrel.


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