Friday, June 12, 2015

Sammy, one year ago

Sammy, the friendly feral with a meow that sounded like 'Arf!' and a permanently crooked tail, left us a year ago today.  I had hoped a good dental cleaning at the veterinarian would help him eat, but the kind doctor said he was too sick and in real trouble.  I held Sammy as he left this world, but he lives on in my heart and in my memory.  I hope you are resting in peace, dear Sammy.
Early in 2010, when Sammy first arrived
Enjoying the yard
Sammy inspecting The Cat Hotel
when we first began working on it

Tried trapping Sammy many times; this
time the trap fell and broke one of the 'o' cats' dinner bowls
Sammy hiding in his insulated beer cooler; guess
leaving one's tail hanging out was considered 'cool'
I left that trap out for a long time,
hoping I'd con Sammy into it somehow, someway
Sammy napping in the late Winter sun

Sammy loved to nap in the garden


  1. My parents took in a couple pathetic strays over the years. Those were probably the best years of their lives. They had shelter and plenty to eat. It really breaks your heart :(

  2. What a handsome mancat he was. And stories like this is why our Mom is pretty much rabidly anti-breeding.

  3. He was a cutie, I am sorry the dental couldn't save him. At least he knew love from you.

  4. Purrs to you as you remember sweet Sammy today. He was lucky to have you looking out for him.

  5. Such lovely photos of Sammy and precious memories. He was very lucky to have you to take care of him and love him so much. Sending warm thoughts to you--Tamago

  6. He was very fortunate to have found you and had your loving care. And while he's missed here, you just know he has lots of friends on the other side.

  7. That's a sweet remembrance of your Sammy and the photos show he had a really good life for a feral. His coloring is so similar to my feral Squatty....maybe they made friends with each other in Spirit World.

  8. iz it oh kay if we say sammy sends hiz love two hiz own werdz...

    "de kewlest mom & dad ever in de entire time oh de werld...eye loves ewe both & all ways will....sammy "

    dude & sauce


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