Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Feral Friend Hobo

Hobo, last weekend
Took a walk down the street to see if my old friend Hobo was out and about, and was delighted to see his furry face again!  I did not bring any food (Note to self: ALWAYS stuff some kibble in your pocket if you are out visiting cat friends!), so after regarding me for a moment, he turned back to the door of the home where he's currently residing in the yard.

I so wish I could sweep him into my arms and muwa, muwa, muwa on that boy, but he's never allowed any touching.  Since he's 'living' with someone else, I guess I just have to visit from the other side of the fence, and send warm, loving thoughts as the temps begin to drop.

Hobo, when I was his mama
Hobo was responsible for bringing Sweetie to our door.  Now, since 2009, Sweetie is a full-time resident, while Hobo wandered down the alley to someone else.  Probably he gave up his territory to Patty O'Malley, who'd just appeared as a young unneutered male in 2013.  Hobo stopped visiting us before I was able to TNR Patty.  Not that neutering Patty has changed him much; he's got an abscess from a bite wound on his back that appeared over the weekend.  You know I'm watching him like a hawk!

As much as I love my Patty O'Malley, Hobo will always reign in my heart, and I hope to stay in touch with him, even if it means being a weird stalker cat lady to the guy who feeds him now.  


  1. waves two ewe hobo; ewe iz one total lee rockin dood ! we hope thiz message findz ya doin soooper grate; N hope ya continmew ta due soooper grate !!! sendin best bloo gil fishez ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Hobo is delightful and beautiful!

  3. He's handsome. We're sorry to hear Patty has an owwie.

  4. Sorry 'bout Patty. WE're sendin' purrayers. And sorry 'bout Hobo, maybe he'll wander back befur it gets too cold. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. I loved meeting Hobo! I hope he spends more time with you in the future!

  6. Hobo is very handsome. We're glad he has someone looking out for him...including you!

  7. He is a cutie, I am glad you still get to see him.

  8. It's always nice to see an old friend :-) Hobo is looking well fed and oh, so handsome!

  9. MOL! Weird stalker cat lady, that's a new one. But whatever it takes, right?


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