Monday, July 10, 2017

Home and Garden Walk

This Saturday, Chucky allowed me to leave home after taking photos him in the sunshine. I attended a Home and Garden Walk in historic Palmer Woods, Detroit Michigan, with friend BG.  I did NOT see any cats, but that was because they were safely behind closed doors. We visited about fifteen different homes.  Thought you might enjoy some of my photos:

I like the way Chuck's black fur is different colors!

Such a luscious garden!

Home designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright

Wonderful pond at the
Frank Lloyd Wright home

Metal sculptures of goats

This particular home had two beehives in the garden

If you bigify, you'll see toy cars and trucks at
the top of each metal circle
This was in someone's front yard

Fountain and garden

It took a lot for me to keep from jumping in this fountain!

Funky birdhouses

This is a master-bedroom shower,
big enough for a few people, methinks!
Had a lovely time, and now I want a fountain in my backyard too!  I'll leave the beehives to someone else.


  1. I've heard that that is quite the garden walk, and from your pics, I can see that it is! Thanks for sharing. ~Island Cat Mom

  2. Looks like it was a nice walk! And that

  3. Wow, about the fountains and I love koi ponds. Chuck is displaying lovely shades from melatonin. It's unique to black cats.

  4. WOW! That is a beautiful place to go for a walk.
    Chuck is a cutie , I love his gorgeous fur.

  5. I love driving around and looking at houses, so this sounds like a wonderful day! Love all your photos - especially of the Frank Lloyd Wright home. Very cool! Thanks for sharing

  6. Lots of great landscaping. Many years ago I toured a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Wisconsin. I don't remember what it was called, but it was very interesting.

  7. What very nice photos! Our favorite? Chucky, of course! He is particularly handsome in that shot!

  8. Hi Chucky, We think you have beautiful fur. You look very content basking in the sun.
    Those houses are amazing.
    Love the pond =)

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the pond and fountain! Everything looks so lovely!

  10. Looks like a great walk through some beautiful gardens! I love those goat sculptures :)

  11. Ooo that is cool there are beehives!

  12. I enjoyed the tour. What beautiful gardens! Love the pond and fountain. The shower seems to be the size of our whole bathroom :-)
    Chuck is looking shiny and gorgeous in the sun!

  13. looks like a lovely walk! I wouldn't want to do that because I would see homes that I would lust after and they just might find me hiding out somewhere inside of their house MOL MOL MOL!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  14. Love the fountain and garden picture. That would make me very happy near our porch. Looks like a beautiful and fun walk/tour. Beautiful homes and the shower is lovely... although I am a bath gal :)


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