Sunday, January 19, 2020

Late Update

Angel, at Saturday's vet visit
This morning, as she noms a little
An update!

Saturday's vet visit went much better than I'd dreamed of.

By adding an appetite stimulant and pain meds, the doc is sure Angel will eat more soon.

The snowstorm took my mind off of my concerns for Angel, then the wonderful staff at Cats Veterinary Hospital easily gave me instructions and loaded us up with needed items.

I left the office with wings on my heels, and my heart as light as air.

She isn't cured, but she will stay with us for awhile longer...YAY!


As for that storm, Paddy and Sweetie are fine!
The PO'M, using my lap as his look out
We received about 6 inches of snow...with huge drifts, and then it rained.

We shoveled the heavy, wet snow.

Overnight, the temperature dropped into the basement.

The photo above was taken at 5 pm today, when the windchill was in the single digits F.

Sweetie and The PO'M were happy to have dinner and fresh water, and I was delighted to pet them and give them love.

I'll share more photos tomorrow.



  1. Hooray, that really is terrific news about sweet Angel. I’m sure glad Paddy and Sweetie are doing okay.

  2. We're so happy to hear the news about Angel! We're glad too that you and the O cats survived the storm.

  3. The Angel news is wonderful! I know you worry about the O cats and honestly I cannot understand why they'd prefer to be outside in that weather but... They are wild at heart.

  4. I'm so glad about the news about Angel. <3

  5. WooooHoooo!!! OMD, that is FABulous news!!!! I am gonna do some happy zoomies nows.......
    Okay, I'm back ~ it fills my Dale heart with joy to hears this Angel! I am sendin' lots and lots of POTP to you! Gets to eatin' and feelin' betters!
    Yikes, that is coooooold! I likes the cold, butts I likes to keep it in the double digits! BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

  6. That is very good news about Angel. Getting her eating again is so important and it always feels good when you see that happen.
    I am glad that Paddy and Sweetie are doing well through the storm and very cold weather.

  7. We hope that Angel remains comfortable for a while longer. Sending purrs.

  8. You had a wonderful visit at the vet. Great news on Angel and for your outside babies. Life is good.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  9. So glad that Angel is a little better. That cold doesn't sound like fun but the kitties will make it through just fine we hope.

  10. Angel you are a warrior Princess keep eating darlin'
    P O'M and Sweetie stay in your warm quarters today.

  11. We hope Angel will start eating more. Continued purrs for her.
    Love the photo of Paddy on his lookout :-)

  12. Am sure you will see improvements in Angel's eating now! And glad Sweetie and The PO'M are doing well out there!

  13. I don't know how I missed this important news but I am sure glad to be reading it now about Angel. Hallelujah!

  14. I can imagine how relieved you felt at the vet. Sending purrs and prayers to sweet Angel, and to all of you!

  15. Please keep us apprised about Angel. It's good to know that things are looking up with her.

  16. Happy to hear about Angel. I hope she's feeling better.

  17. Oh, I'm relieved! I'm so happy she's feeling better :)
    And a snow - I actually hate it, so I'm happy there is no snow in Warsaw ;)


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