24 February, 2023


Our area had an ice storm Wednesday.

We lost power on Thursday (!), and the current projected restoration date is this Sunday.

However, the real power trip was Sweetie's veterinarian visit.
You are lucky this isn't a video with sound!
Sweetie's fur just came off of her in buckets.
Trying to hide under a chair.
-Sweetie lost a small bit of weight from her last exam.
-Her blood pressure is high.
-Tests are being run to see what pain medications her kidneys can tolerate.
-The lump on her tummy/mammary gland hadn't changed at all.
-Her murder mitts were trimmed, and all mats were combed from her fur!

Sweetie will go back in two weeks, after I give her a teeny tiny bit of a pill once a day to reduce her blood pressure; will crush it to mix into a gushy, smelly treat.

It's obvious that she has sore hips; the vet didn't even need to take radiographs to diagnose it.

We are hoping to give her a Solensia shot once a month.
Sweetie didn't hold the indignities of a vet visit against me; here she is, using my torso has her beddy after we arrived back home
If we go quiet, please know that it's because without power, we are without Wi-Fi too.

May have to drive to the office to work; rats!


  1. I hope you soon get your power back. Pain will raise BP as well as the likelihood of the stress of the vet visit. Hope Sweetie's next vet visit goes well.

  2. That storm sounds like a doozy. We have friends in Illinois who are also without power and have been told Sunday, but they have a generator which helps. We hope the various meds really help Sweetie!

    The Chans

  3. Good to hear Sweetie survived the Vet visit. Hopefully, you can get the pills into her ;)
    Purrs you keep your power. Snow is falling here, but the wind will show up in the afternoon :/
    Purrs, Julie

  4. sweetie, yoo got bu-tee shopped!!!! we hope yoo r staying warmz. we r storming rite meow

  5. sweetie...we iz sew outta de loop itz crazed...we iz sorree ewe haz knot ben doin sew grate and send de blessingz oh st francis two ewe and for all time.....we all sew send wavez two ewe chili bruce and manny, hope powerz comez bak on...♥♥

  6. Being without power is awful, especially when it is cold out. Sorry Sweetie is having some troubles. I will add her to my prayer list. XO

  7. I hope your power is restored sooner than expected! I also hope Sweetie all the best and hope she's doing OK.

  8. Sounds like a very thorough vet visit! (My aunt lost power in MI, but my mom didn't.)

  9. We hope your power comes back sooner rather than later...and purrayers for Sweetie that what was good about her exam stays good and what you can treat is able to be treated safely.

  10. Yikes, that's a long time without power in the Winter. I'm glad Sweetie and you got through the Vet visit and that she doesn't hold a grudge.

  11. I hope your power returns and pray your next vet visit you come through with flying colors.

  12. Poor Sweetie. I can see how frightened she was at the vet, even with her favourite person there with her. If the arthritis medicine helps, then it will have been worth it.

  13. We love you Sweetie! We think you're so brave! This is nothing you can't handle, a pinch of this and a dash of that and you'll be much more comfortable.

  14. Best wishes, my dears. You provide such a wonderful home to your kitties. :)


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