03 November, 2013

Fall Back

Feed Me!
Am I the only person who dislikes this day?  Sure, supposedly everyone gets an extra hour when the clocks are changed from Daylight Savings Time.  But not for someone who feeds cats!  Cat LOVE a regular schedule, and mine want their breakfast and dinner at exactly the same time...every single day.  Day in and day out; same time.  Not today!  They think breakfast should be served one hour EARLIER than the clocks, and dinner too.  Who can deny them?  AND...I have two cat families to feed.  I could hear five little cat stomachs rumble with hunger pains for every minute I tried to wait, to get them aligned with my 'new' schedule.  Why do we still have the old Daylight Savings anyhow?  Isn't it antiquated?  Didn't it have something to do with farmers and their kids?  Why does the whole country have to change for some old idea?  I'm sure that if the First Family actually fed their own pets, then the old time switcheroo would be history in a New York minute.  I'll bet not a single Washington politician takes care of their own house animals, otherwise they'd be pushing through repeals or amendments or whatever they needed to fix this thing too.  That's what those crazy politicians need: more cat lovers!  THEN maybe they would get something done.

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Ivan from WMD said...

We always dread the time change. You can tell dog people came up with this nonsense.