Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Front Door

Sunrise Over Pond

Autumn Trees

Broken Front Storm Door
Now that the cooler weather is here to stay, we've taken the screens off the windows and replaced them with storms.  The front storm door too, however the glass in three of the four sections was cracked.  Bob ordered tempered glass for the lower sections, and was given a seven to ten day turnaround time.  In the meantime, he covered up the gaping hole with plastic, for the illusion of keeping the cold winds from blowing in.  One repercussion; Chucky will not use the cat flap, will not go anywhere near the rustling plastic-covered front door, and he runs away with his tail down.  We humans KNOW that Chuck wants to be outside to chase his squirrel friends and to eat luscious blades of grass.  But he WON'T anymore, and he's moping around the house.  Luckily, the ordered glass is ready, and the front door storm should be a thing of beauty soon.  Honey Chuck, we'll have you munching grass in no time!
Chucky playing inside (with my feet in the photo!)

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  1. Hi kids! Thanks for visiting me--it's nice to meet you. And you're right--Russell never could have worn the chicken head like I do. (Chucky knows that black cats totally rule.)


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