Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Garbage Trucks

Cats at the top of the stairs

It's Tuesday morning.  Garbage day around here.  Angel and Chuck don't like garbage trucks.  Both stand at the top of the stairs and growl.  It's hard to keep a straight face, when little pink-white-and-black Angel is being so fierce.  Chuck usually is the first one to forget, and go off about his usual catly duties, but Angel glares out the windows and growls some more.  Interestingly, she also growls at the fire truck when it rolls down the street; can't say why she does that either.  Do the diesel engines make some noise that cats can hear but humans can't?  Is it the size of the vehicles, compared to cars, SUVs or vans?  Who nows, but it's Tuesday morning, and Angel is growling, and so far I haven't let out a laugh.

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