Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cat Jewelry

Newest Finds
I promised I wouldn't purchase any more cat pins, but looky what I found!  The large gold one at the bottom has bright green eyes on all of the cats, and the tails move...<giggle>  The earrings at the top were just too cute to pass up.  Really don't wear any pins in the warm weather; the weight of the metal is too heavy for light cotton blouses.  But as sweater weather gets nearer, I'm sure I'll find an occasion to show my cat goofiness.  AND I can donate any cat item to either All About Animals in Warren (where I attended their TNR class) or Backdoor Friends Cat Shoppe in Farmington, that needs donations to fund their rescue work.  It's amazing what one can find at resale shops, and I meet interesting people there too.  I also scored six smallish bowls, for feeding Mia, Sammy and Patty outside, as I've broken two bowls recently.  And in the coldest part of the winter wet food will freeze quickly, but that doesn't stop Patty from trying to lick it up.  He'll push a food bowl clear across the deck as he tries to lap up another morsel.  But a cold bowl tipping over the end of the deck onto cement usually ends badly for the bowl.  Always need backup!  On top of it all, I like the idea that I'm recycling, plus many of the resale shops that I frequent are charitable organizations.  Although I'd love to give big piles of money, for the time being I can only buy a piece of costume jewelry, or a sweater (or a scarf) and let them use the funds for good works.

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