Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mia and Kittens

Mama Mia today
In July 2009
Mama Mia showed up in the summer of 2009, heavily pregnant.  Our feral pal Hobo had escorted her to the food dishes on the deck, literally walking her through our yard as her bodyguard.  She didn't show us her kittens for many weeks, then voila!
I was beside myself, trying to figure out what to do.  Leave the kittens outside with their momma (and dad?) or grab 'em and bring them inside?  I could not get close to the kittens, figuring in time I would be able to.  We decided to TNR everybody then, and caught Hobo and Honey; Sneakers managed to go in and out of the traps without tripping the door, and Mia refused to go near them.  Then one day, both kittens were gone.  I searched everywhere, and asked many neighbors.  I found nothing, and no one had any information.  I put up 'Missing!' signs, and visited animal control every third day for six months.  The kittens never showed up again.  Months later, I used the drop trap to capture Mia, and she was spayed.  But I was heart-broken over those kittens, so with the help of my sister and niece, I found a call-in radio pet psychic, and dialed that 800# until I got through.  The psychic told me the kittens were taken by a neighbor 'close-by' and that they were happy.  Some relief that they were safe, but their disappearance from my life has been difficult.  I mean, look at those sweet kitties!  Mia has always been fearful of me, but recently she's allowed me to pet her, and even scritch under her chin.  She lets out a low purr that I feel in my heart.

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