Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friendly Neighborhood Tabby

Friendly Neighbor Cat
While on my evening walk, this handsome cat decided I was going to be a friend!  The cat meowed, rolled on the sidewalk, and let me scritch him under the chin.  I almost thought the cat wanted me as his new human!  But, after awhile, I started walking again and the cat did not follow.  Such a good-looking boy, almost a darker version of Patty O'Malley.

The Patster

Tabby's have such interesting stripes.   As you can see, Patty is golden brown compared to the Neighbor Cat's dark fur, plus he has marks on his cheeks that mimic the glare-reducing stuff that football players use.  I'm sure this cat belongs to someone; he was very friendly, and I have seen him in the area on a few occasions.  Sure was a pleasant interlude!

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