Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Cats

Ooh, that's scary!
Our neighborhood is getting dressed up for Halloween.  The favorite decoration...besides big spiders.  The spiders are placed on fake webs, or climbing up the houses.  I dislike creepy crawlers, so I'm not fond of the "spiders from Mars" approach.  However, there are also a lot of the blow-up decorations, including these two very cool black cats shown in the photo.  And the really fun part is that their heads move, but only once in awhile.  So I am on my evening walk, and I see these cats down the street.  I look at them, and admire the fact that they are huge, black cats! of the heads moves just a tad, and I jump out of my skin.  Haha, the joke is on me, but now every time I walk past (and I do almost every day), I wait for a head to move, then I smile to myself for my past reaction.  And isn't that part of what Halloween is all about?  A lot of treats, but a little bit of trick?

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  1. Oh I so Miss Halloween in the Clem. That city knows how to do Halloween. Such a spirited city!!!


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