Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cat food bowls


In use
On Saturday afternoons, I am almost always out shopping in area resale shops.  I've managed to update both my work and weekend wardrobes, and of course add to my collection of cat pins.  Bob rarely goes with me, but he's also managed to score for himself a jacket, some t-shirts, and more importantly a nice pot for the stove and some oven/microwave/freezer safe plates so he can provide yummy breakfasts for me!  So, I rarely shop resale for kitchen items; that's his territory, know what I mean?  However, while nosing around recently, and after having broken two of the bowls I use for the outside cats, I stumbled across six bowls for $2.99.  The bowls are low but wide, so they are perfect for cats (their whiskers don't rub much on the edges).  In addition, the sides are just slanted enough so food doesn't get pushed up and over.  As we see from the photo above, Mia, Sammy and Patty seem to enjoy the 'new' bowls...especially when they are filled with yummy kibble.  Of course, when I announced that I had found 'perfect' cat bowls, Bob had to give them a close examination...since he is the cook and bottle-washer around here.  I got an 'A', and six bowls are now in the rotation.  We are lucky to have many resale stores within a few miles of home, and both the humans and the cats seem to have gained in the process.


  1. I used to give that brand of cat food to my kitty. He loved it. I also found some other stuff just as good. I cant remember the name right now but when I do I ll share.- Kathyrose

    1. I'd like to know when you remember! Thanks!


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