Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I met this cutie on Sunday, at All About Animals Rescue in Warren.  She's as friendly as can be, and yes...her eyes are different colors!  Any idea how hard it was to walk out of that building without her in my arms?  Shelly is a delight, and I'm wishing her a speedy adoption, or even a foster home for now.  She was left outside the front door, in a carrier, and is about 18 months old.  Adorable!

Hours were spent at AAAR, listening to guest speakers discuss the business of running your own rescue operation, and how to deal with the general public and city officials.  I learned a lot, and enjoyed mingling with other folks who want to help cats (and dogs) as much as possible.  I volunteered to hand out flyers, and maybe knock on some doors too.  I do not aspire to having my own rescue operation, yet the knowledge of how to work the system is invaluable.  Why reinvent the wheel?      

Check out the AAAR website at and maybe sign up for an upcoming event, like the silent auction on 11/3 at The Whitney in Detroit.  I'm donating a few of my cat pins...LOL!...for the event.  As if I can possible wear all of the ones I have, but don't worry; I've saved the really good ones for myself.  How else can I show the world that I'm a crazy lady with cats?!  Well, other than the cat hair all over my clothes.

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