24 November, 2013

Update: Cat Rescued on the 408

On 10/27, I posted about a real humanitarian who saved a cat he found on a busy Florida highway.  He rescued the frightened cat, brought her to a veterinarian for a check up, then took the cat home.  Through friends,  a couple adopted the kitty, and here's what they have to say:

My husband and I are Cleo's new mommy and daddy.  We just couldn't believe someone could be so mean to a helpless and precious creature.  So, we decided that she needed a fresh start all the way around and gave her a new name too.  Sliver (a play on her silver coloring and skinny tail) is fitting in quite well at her new home.  Her new brother and 2 sisters are still a little unsure about her, but she is settling right in.  She's even exploring more of the house and screened patio.

Glad to hear this sweet kitty has found her forever home!  Hurray to the hero who risked everything to get her off that highway, and hurray to the couple who opened their hearts and home to Sliver.  Now if we could only exact some legal punishment on the woman who originally owned the cat, since it's time people knew that cruelty to animals is WRONG.  Thanks again to PM; hope it's nice and toasty in FLA!

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