Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Deleting Catster

My friends, some situations tick me off but good.  Current case in point: Catster.com again publishes a photo of that Texas veterinarian who shot and killed a neighbor's cat while out hunting, then bragged about it online.  The woman was fired from her job, and charges were brought against her.

Really?  Isn't Catster a CAT LOVER'S WEBSITE?  What do they think they are doing?  I am so disgusted with them, since I and many, many others objected to the photo on the first article, that they would post it again in a second article, when 'reporting' that the judicial system had wiped their hands of the case by dismissing it.

So you know, I've deleted Catster.com from my favorites, and unfriended them on Facebook.  I just don't get enough benefit from their chatty, uninformative articles to keep supporting them.

Is it the shock value that is so important to the media?  At this point, I'm just mad and here is my stand against uncalled for and cruel journalism.  How do you think the grieving family of Tiger feel, seeing that photo over and over again online?

Nope, Catster, you've lost me for good, even though you've since changed your report and have carefully cropped that awful photo.  I grieve for a cat killed so savagely, for a family who've lost their loving family member, and for countless other animal cruelty crimes that will go unpunished because our lawmakers have NOT caught up to public sentiment.


  1. guys...we leeved catster back....3...4 yeerz ago

    when they posted on de front page and titled de piece oh $#it video...

    "video we LOVE"

    bout de ********** who had hiz cat stuffed when him died.....then terned de kitteh inta a remote air plane....

    they getted complaint after complaint afturr complaint N left it up sayin we { de community } was entitled to R opinionz...N they were two.....

    insert a bunch oh HBO werds rite now

    glad ta heer yur catster free...itz NOTHIN like it USED ta bee....


  2. We.... have no words for how bad that is. None at all.

  3. That's so wrong of Catster. Why do they do stuff like that?

  4. Perfectly stated, you should send this to them and I couldn't agree with you more.

  5. That is awful. I am not even sure if I liked them on Facebook, but I am going to check and unlike them if I did.

  6. I really feel bad for the kitty and the family. As you said, it's cruel journalism and I totally agree with you.

  7. We've glad we didn't see that horror (we haven't visited catster.com in years).

  8. I had a magazine subscription to Cat Fancy, which is now Catster. I don't like it as well. Not all mergers, sales, or such in the corporate world are for the better :(

  9. We are sorry Catster made that decision. With so much negativity in the world toward animals, once is way more than enough. Twice is just adding to the cruelty and going for the sensationalism, attention, and profit.

  10. We feel tertible for the kitty's family to have to see that

  11. We feel tertible for the kitty's family to have to see that

  12. We feel tertible for the kitty's family to have to see that


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