Monday, February 1, 2016

Psst! Hey...Want Some Cat Grass?

Notice the grass blades already on the floor!
The Hubby is a whiz at growing cat grass, or wheat grass.  He's got a sprouting jar, where he pours in the wheat berries, then swishes water around.  After a few days of that, the baby sprouts are big enough to be placed in soil, then he hides his 'garden' way up so no cat can graze until the blades are long enough.

Chuck was on this garden as soon as it was set on the floor, and he pulls the blades out as he munches.  We are lucky to have many old-timey planters in the house; this one appears to be perfect for this application. Angel, for some reason, is avoiding this garden, and I had commissioned it just for her because I thought she was suffering from a hairball.  

Goes to show, that what I want...and what the cats do...are often very different things!


  1. grazz !!! we will bring sum ham samiches a long for later ...when we all haz muncheez :) ♥♥♥

  2. That a nice cat grass garden! Goro loves cat grass. He munches on some but most of them fall on the floor. I think he just likes to mow :-)

  3. yep, we too are always keeping our Mom on her toes. Good luck with the very nice grass garden.

  4. That's a beautiful cat grass garden. Sometimes, I think they can see when we want them to like something and are just being contrary...oh, I hope my kitty brats don't get even with me for that comment =) Hope Angel feels better soon!

  5. That does look like nice grass. I should try that sprouting trick.

  6. I would love some real grass...though all I do is yak it back up again. ;). ~Wally

    Pee ess...the mom says thank you so much for the card and for thinking of her while she recuperates from her surgery.

  7. I would pull the whole thing out!

    That's probably why we never get any cat grass. :-(


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