Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tasty Thursday...with some Tinkle

Angel, chewing on stacked newspapers this morning...nom, nom, nom!
The result
"What are you doing?  May I chew on your phone?"
Easy, little one...guess I'd better make breakfast!

And something else that happened this morning:

Images of peeballs from the litterbox below...
Proceed at your own risk...

Someone left us a Valentine heart!
The Hubby was unimpressed...


  1. Angel! Newspaper, really? Did it have an article about chicken, maybe? :-)
    The pee Valentine heart is really cool! Goro did that, too, but yours is in more purrfect shape :-) No, my husband wasn't impressed, either...

  2. guys....ewe shuld start yur own art gal o ree ....we haz onlee ever had one heart in de trout gal o ree & we think thiz iz AWESUM !!!!! ♥♥♥ itz purr fect !!!

  3. I am most impressed with the litter box sculpture. Sammy does that to our paper sometimes too- yuck.

  4. I like to chew on plastic, Angel. I haven't tried paper...yet. ~Wally

  5. OMG that heart is incredible!! I think Cody just fell in love with Angel. He chews ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight! Doesn't matter what it is made out of. Cody is in love! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. My old bro Eddie LOVED biting on the newspaper!

    I bet that heart treat was from Angel.

  7. Our Waddles liked to chew on paper. That heart is awesome! Someone is creating art in the litter box. :-)

  8. Yums, paper! And a P-Heart. Someone really loves their humans!

  9. Our Mr Kitty chews on paper and sits on them but so far no pee. Love the pee heart.

  10. Newspaper is an odd thing to chew. I'd think Angel's mouth would get very dry. I think the heart-shaped pee clump is cute!


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