Thursday, February 11, 2016

What the Toof...?

Oh noes!

Angel had a broken toof!  The nice veterinarian made it all better for her, and she is acting perfectly fine this morning.  Yesterday, as I held her before she was whisked into the bowels of the vet's office, she managed to shed a ton of fur...on me!

Fur all over my front
Fur all over my arm
These photos do not convey the extent of furs stuck to my winter coat! Poor Angel, she was not a happy camper yesterday morning.  But...I am glad we got her teefs cleaned and serviced, since she'd lost some weight since her last visit.  Her bloods came back normal...yay!

Chucky did not take Angel's capture and removal from the house well, however.  I had explained to him what was going to happen, but he was very unhappy all day, says The Hubby.  He even had an accident outside the litter box, and when I got home from work, his tail was low and he needed lots of lovin' and smoochin'.  So, that's what I did to both kitties, and all seemed normal when I left this morning.

And I received a surprise!
A co-worker gifted me with lovey dovey cat socks!  See what happens when people find out I'm a crazy lady with cats?  Totally unexpected; I will wear them this Sunday on St. Valentine's Day. Thanks, CS!


  1. Glad Angel's dental is over and everyone seems fine :-) The kitty socks are really pretty. What a lovely present!

  2. We're glad Angel has her dental ordeal over! Poor, Chucky...

    Cute socks--and just in time for Valentine's Day!

  3. Poor Angel! I, Toby, broke off a bottom fang that had to be removed, so I totally feel her pain. PS: that was a very sweet gift.

  4. angel.....we hope de ewe noe whoo gived ya yur tooth part bak... sew ya can put in under yur blankit... coz two morrow morn it will haz terned it self ina cash....thatz rite...c.a.s.h ~~~~~~~ CASH!!!! ♥♥♥

    glad yur a point mint wented sew well, way kewl sox yur mom got !

  5. Poor Angel! We're glad she was able to get her toof fixed quickly.

  6. I am glad Angel's blood was good. The tooth Fairy needs to send her a gift, I will get crocheting. Poor Chuck, he is very sensitive. Those are great socks, what a thoughtful friend.

  7. oh that poor baby!!! Glad the Vet made everything all better! Love the fashion addition to your coat ;) Any of us who love cats, totally "get it!!" Your socks are darling! What a great and unexpected gift! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Poor Angel. Hopefully she heals quickly from loosing her tooth. Cute socks!

  9. Poor Angel! I'm glad everything got sorted out, though.


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