Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Story Behind Migrating Woolies!

Woolies found inside cat tent

Woolies found on former porch floor

Four woolies in the dining room

A fifth woolie in the dining room!

Woolie on the stairs

Chuck says, "It isn't me!"
Ahem...Chuck tells me that I've gotten the story all WRONG!  He is not the reason that my woolie socks disappear from the bedroom, to be rediscovered strewn about the house.  Chuck swears that the woolie socks move on their own; he just follows them to see how far they go.  He says they must be migrating from upstairs to downstairs where it's a bit cooler during the day...yeah, that's the ticket.  They are migrating!

Okay, Chuck...whatever you say.  How do you explain the wet drool marks, then?  Oh, you are napping and cannot be disturbed?  Pardon me, Oh Big Black Cat, Sir Slinky In A Fur Suit.  I'll tiptoe around all the woolies on the floor, moving quietly away...

P.S. Chuck and Angel thank you all for the birthday wishes!  As a special treat for the day, they both got a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on their dinner. I know, I know...I spoil those two rotten!  Chuck's intestinal issues mean we cannot deviate from the prescribed meds and foods right now, and whatever we set out for one is also eaten by the other.  We must err on the side of caution right now.    


  1. dood....lookz like aries de naybor cat haz been at it again....dunno how himz gettin IN de houz... but it doez look like himz havin a lot oh fun !!! we sended bee lated fishes yur way; hope yur day rocked for ewe both !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  2. Oh, we like the name Sir Slinky. So dashing, and dapper. And of course, he's merely ....studying... the sock migration.

  3. We think it's hysterical that the woolies migrate. Sure, Chuck, we believe your story. :)

  4. We just love the sock stories no matter how they get moved! ;-)

  5. Those are some interesting woolies, I can see why Chuck "follows" them around. I am glad they had a nice birthday.

  6. Hahaha, of course, woolies migrated to cooler floor themselves. That's the only plausible explanation :-)
    In our house, toys travel everywhere. Goro helps them :-)

  7. The adventures of the woolies! We're sure Sir Slinky has a good tale behind these adventures.

  8. I've heard some cats like wool and Chuckie proves it. Now about the migrating part...

  9. LOL! So funny about the socks! :)


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