Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Intermission Over

A long holiday weekend, a vacation day off from work, and excellent weather kept me away from the computer.  The Hubby and I spent some quality time together (read: we went out to lunch and watched a lot of Wimbledon tennis on TV!)

Trying to keep up with my daily exercise, I managed to snap a few photos of some of the critters that I recently had to pleasure to meet:

Sly, striking a post
Sly and his brother Sneakers live at the 15 minute mark on my evening trek; I first nabbed some photos of them here.

Handsome fellow
This gorgeous grey fellow was casually walking down the street when he stopped to allow me to worship him for a little while.  I believe he is cared for at the nearby house, where I've seen feral cat shelters, although this guy was very tame.

Persephone is Aries's 'sister', meaning she and Aries live at the same house, which is our backyard neighbor.  Persephone spends all of her time in the front yard, where I see her as I'm walking by.

Muddy Waters


Two babies...

...and three more!
There are raccoons around too; they use the cat's drinking water to wash their hands.  Almost every morning, I find muddy water...and a raccoon hand print!  A couple of weeks ago, I spied five baby raccoons in a tree at dusk, which is why my phone took such blurry photos.  Could they be the rascally creatures making mud in our water bowl?  I sternly warn Patty O'Malley, Sweetie and Aries to avoid any raccoon, because they can be really mean to cats, and especially kittens.

I'll visit all of my blogging friends soon, to catch up on your news!


  1. OMC What cute kitties. Da coons are cute too. Glad you had a relaxin' time off.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. ~~~~~~~~ waves two all yur nayborz guys....hope everee onez livin large & in charge...everee one haz way kewl names !! ♥♥♥

  3. You have some good looking cats in your neighborhood. And those baby raccoons are so cute...though the adults aren't as nice. We have some that come in our yard and eat all the bird food.

  4. It's nice that you have cat pals to visit with on your walks. Mom saw a black cat when she was out walking this morning; she's seen him before but he's very shy. Maybe some day he'll feel more comfortable saying hi, although we don't know if we'd like her coming home with alien cat scent on her!

    That raccoon family is pretty cool!

  5. Those are all pretty kitties. I am not a fan of raccoons, too bad they are germing up the water.

  6. Your neighborhood kitties are so cute! And the raccoon babies are adorable :-) But yes, they can also be pretty mean. Haha.

  7. You have a lot of pretty neighbors! Love the baby raccoons--so cute!

  8. All adorable!! But we confess.... the raccoons are cute but we're no fans, since they don't mix well with kittehs.

  9. I must start doing some "treks" myself!!! Maybe there are kitties by where I live! I can't believe the number of them that live by you! Not a fan of raccoons that's for sure! catchatwithcarenandcody


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