Friday, February 17, 2017


"I'm so cute, your head is gonna explode from it!"
Mango In The Basket

"Nom nom nom..."
Mango Eats The Basket

Mango in front, Rusty in back, Skittles on the side
Mango, Skittles and Rusty Play With Basket

These three will be seven months old on February 19.  My dear friends P&M adopted them, and are delighting in the happy group. The Cat Crew also includes Miss Sassy, who is around 2 years old, and elderly gent Spit Spot who is past 20!  Do you know what the bad thing is about all of this?  They live over 1,000 miles away!  How can I play with and love on all of these cuties?

Adorable Mango
Sleepy Mango

Skittles is a doll!

Thinking outside of the box
"Don't box me in!" 

Boneless kittens
Rusty and Mango napping

"Watch out!"
Mango takes his life into his paws
by playing with Sassy's tail!

Former Feral Mr. Spit Spot
Mr. Spit Spot from a few years ago,
when I first met him...gorgeous!
Thank goodness for today's technologies...text messages and phone photos make sharing our babies with each other so much easier! Even from much too far away.


  1. Oh my WORD, that first photo is just adorable!!! Squeeeeeee!

  2. No! They should be your neighbors so you could play with them in person! But you're right, at least you can enjoy them online. Such cute kitties.

  3. They are all so cute. PS: Mom luffs that backyard.

  4. Aaaaaaaaaw They are purrecious. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  5. They are all adorable, including Mr. Spit Spot. Too bad they live so far away.

  6. They look like a wonderful crew of kitties! Love the names!

  7. Oh the kitties are so adorable! I do have a soft spot for orange tabbies…...

  8. Awwww indeed :-) They are all so adorable. Love the photo of Rusty and Mango napping on the tree!

  9. Such cuties. I admire Mango's full body extension while sleeping.

  10. Oh the cute meter just flew out into space.
    Thank goodness for techie stuff
    Hugs madi and mom

  11. These cuties are so adorable! Cats in baskets are the best. :-)


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