Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lupe's Escape...Kinda...

Anyone remember "Romancing The Stone" movie, with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner from 1984?  Well, if you do, do you recall what 'Lupe's Escape' was?

The drug dealer guy had his own private way across the river, and he called it 'Lupe's Escape'.  Well, Sweetie needed her own escape from The Stairway to Heaven, because Patty O'Malley (POM) would sit on the steps and prevent her from coming down!
Beginning the work...

The Hubby and his tools

Lupe's Escape from below

See the new board closer to the top?
Therefore, I bullied suggested to The Hubby that we add a second egress, so Sweetie would feel more comfortable.  After much prodding and discussion, a long board was added to a new opening in the balcony.  Sweetie used it right away!

Then, POM sat at the bottom of the stairs, and she was again trapped.  I had to run outside and call him, so she could be freed. Lupe's Escape didn't work!

Obviously, we need a second set of steps, leading to/from Lupe's Escape...not just a single board.  The Hubby has his orders to make it so, however I am sure I'll be nagging encouraging him this weekend again.

Sweetie easily moves up and down The Stairway, and she spent over five minutes INSIDE THE HOUSE.  She is comfortable there.  POM, however, looks in the door and meows pitifully, and then turns tail and goes back down.  My hope is that he keeps watching Sweetie, losing his fear to plain curiosity, and a desire to have whatever she is having!

To be able to keep them inside during the coldest winter nights is my goal, and The Stairway to Heaven with Lupe's Escape, and some work from The Hubby just might make it happen, Captain!

(Yes, I know we should call it 'Sweetie's Escape' but The Hubby and I have been quoting lines from "Romancing The Stone" for so many years, it's hard to change.  So, Lupe's Escape it is!  And Lupe is pronounced, 'loo-pay'.)


  1. That is downright impressive and we do know that movie!

  2. guyz...5 minitz two day N bye next week it will be both catz livin large N in charge inn side....984 pawz crossed ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥☺☺

  3. I love the stairways and walkways you have. If I didn't rent, I'd do something similar inside. Bear LOVES to climb and I think he'd love this. I hope POM learns that inside can be good. When I brought Bear inside (permanently ... slightly a different situation than you're talking about), I was worried he wouldn't adjust - but there wasn't even a hiccup. I worried he'd miss the outside and try to get out. I was really lucky. I'm glad Sweetie and POM have you to look out for them ... they are special - as I'm sure you know!

  4. a valiant attempt....Patty needs to learn to share

  5. I'm so jealous of things like these. I can't wait to have a house so we can customize it for our little ones <3

  6. Sweetie, pfft! Some boys just HAVE to be pains in the you-know-what. It's like in their DNA.

    Your sister in boy torment,

  7. I am very impressed! I wish for all to work well. Thank you so much for making this possible for them.

  8. "....and she's climbing the Stairway to Chicken..."

  9. POM needs to leave Sweetie alone! Maybe this will convince Sweetie to stay in the house much longer.

  10. That is a great plan, how sweet of the hubby to build it.

  11. Romancing the Stone was a wonderful movie. I had forgotten about it. Now I will be on the look out on the cable channels to see if I can find it.

    Great work on the steps!
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. Oh you are so good to your kitties! Hopefully by Wnter both Sweetie and POM are installed inside. I have the opposite problem, too many kitties want to come in!
    Take care.

  13. Oh, to have a handy husband, it must be nice! Ha! He does excellent work and your cats are lucky to have him.


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