Friday, February 12, 2021

Sweetie 1 Me 0

The above video was taken in March, 2020, just before Sweetie became an inside cat.

Her coughing/sneezing fits made me anxious; she had them often.

The vet gave her antibiotics with her dental work in April, 2020, and she stopped having these attacks.

For awhile...then, they came back again.

Imagine being asleep, when the kitty on your chest starts that!

Sweetie went to the veterinarian again, and was diagnosed with having a bacteria called mycoplasma.

It's difficult to get rid of, and it take antibiotics.

But I am the WORST cat piller of ALL TIME!

I wrestled Sweetie, I pinned her down, I popped that capsule in her mouth...and she spat it out.

Two, three, four times this happened, until the capsule was just a bit of mush.

I cried.

Sweetie went off to nap.

The Hubby patted me on the back.

After awhile, I called the vet's office, and explained that I needed more capsules, because I was going to ruin a few!

They offered me a private cat pilling class, and I jumped at the chance.

We gently practised on two office cats, and one large cat-shaped doorstop.

The nice folks showed me how to use my hands, how to burrito a kitty with a big towel, and then to use a pill shooter.

I even took pictures of my own hands, to use as reference!

Tomorrow, Sweetie is getting her ifs, ands, or buts!
Artified Sweetie
She doesn't take any prisoners!


  1. We are sorry for the illness. I think cats laugh at the idea of a cat pilling class.

  2. Poor sweetie and poor you. Sadly for us our Dad is an excellent piller!

  3. That was nice of the vet to give you a lesson. I mush the pills ( or open the capsules) and mix it in with a little gravy from canned food and syringe it in.

  4. How awesome they had a class for that for you! My human is a crack cat piller, so she wouldn't need it (she even did Binga without help!), but it's good to know that your vet had that available for you.

  5. Poor Sweetie. One thing our mom hates is trying to medicate cats, and having cried her share of tears too, she totally gets your trauma!

  6. Poor Sweetie and poor you. Eric was impossible to pill, even the vets couldn't do it. I used to crush any medication he needed and do it by syringe. Flynn was difficult to start with, but having meds twice a day for over 2 years he would voice his disapproval, then sit and wait for me to give them.

  7. Fingers crossed mom and dad haven't had to deal with that with me yet. Dad says if he remembers correctly (a tall order and growing taller every day) Orbit wasn't too good with pills. Poor Sweetie, and poor human!

  8. Hugs! Pilling some cats is a trying experience.
    Fingers crossed that you have luck with Sweetie <3

  9. Pilling is something I just can't do. And it has caused major anxiety to me. Mom has shed some tears with Admiral and with me, trying.

  10. We are so happy for pill pockets. We also have a little pill pusher that looks like a pen for big pills. that is a thing to think of as we had a few biters in the past

  11. I hope all goes well! We have to pill Harley every other day. I'm thankful the hubby is there to help.

  12. You're such a good kitty caretaker. ~hugs~ And it warms my heart that they gave you lessons. Best wishes, my dear.


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