Saturday, February 20, 2021

Winter Caturday

Our hearts go out to those in the Southern USA, who continue to struggle after the frigid temps, and resulting breakdown of electricity and water systems.

Here in the Midwest, we put on our boots, wrap a scarf or two around our faces, and shovel ourselves out.

Winter can be pretty, especially when the sun sparkles off newly fallen snow.

Don't get me wrong; I will not grieve for Old Man Winter for a millisecond, once warm temps begin again.
Icicles on the house, image snapped an hour ago!
Artified with Prisma
Snow on PO'M's feeding station, artified with Prisma
Flakes on PO'M, no artification here!

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  1. What a great gallery! It could be our back yard! Amazing! And Puzzles - Woo Hoo! Can't wait! Thanks for visiting us and have a marvellously Happy Day!

  2. I have a few icicles hanging here as well.
    Snow is gently falling( luckily the winds have not shown up :).
    We also feel bad for those in the southern US that are not prepared for the cold that has come to them :(
    Purrs, Julie and mem

  3. I never expected such hardship due to this freakish weather. :( The snowflakes on his handsome fur look super cool.

  4. While Texas and Michigan are getting the stuffing kicked out of them, here in Flory-Da we are battling rain and sunshine. It's crazy! One day its in the mid 80s, the next it's in the 50's. I think Mom Nature needs to put down the likker and stop acting like a Mean Girl.

  5. Very "cool" art but we're more than ready for Blooming Season!

  6. I love winter but sure wish it would snow for Christmas instead of all at once come February. Love the flakes on PO'M!

  7. After a short cold spell here in South East UK it's back to normal temps (though still quite mild for Feb). Nice flakes!

  8. Nice shots. Thank you for the puzzles. XO

  9. Love the flakes on PO'M!

    We're back to more normal temps and a few signs of spring here. It's lovely!

    Tama and Genji

  10. Those pictures are purrty - and so evocative that Mummy started to shiver when She looked at them, they made her feel cold!

  11. For us Winter is mostly rain and mud. We like looking at the winter pictures where people actually get snow, although we probably wouldn't like it so much in purrson although the Mom does like playing in it.

  12. We had -30 temperatures for a week and now we are above freezing with howling warm winds. Life in southern Alberta.

  13. We sure are waiting for spring friends

  14. No, I think I'll pass on the puzzles. Thanks anyway.


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