Sunday, November 7, 2021

Time Change Tortoises and Turtle Giggles

I had the supreme luck to have encountered Newton at the pet store yesterday. 

Newton is the mascot at Premier Pet Supply's flagship store in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

I've posted some of my previous meetings with him here:

11/16/17: What A Weird Cat!

7/14/17: Thankful Thursday

As I left Newton to pick up needed items, a group of people were asking, "Where is Newton?", and I waived them over.  

Should I add "Tortoise Docent" to my CV?!?

Later on, I saw the swimming pool video on FB, and just had to share them, and a meme too!

Not cats, but adorable nonetheless!

🐢Be kind!🐢

Every Spring and Autumn, we change the clocks.

Every Spring and Autumn, everyone complains about changing the clocks.

I believe this is a world-wide phenomenon, but no politician or government seems to want to STOP.

What is that all about?


  1. As regards the time change, politicians are governed by two things: greed and inertia. If it doesn't get them something, then they simply let things go on as they are until something happens that alters things on its own, like a car on cruise-control that eventually drives off a cliff. I prefer turtles.

  2. What an awesome mascot! I am in love with Newton!! We had a turtle in our driveway last week and took him right out of suburbia and put him in a quiet spot next to a creek.

  3. I like that mascot too! Hey, riddle solved...politicians are idiots!

  4. Just sitting here thinking what sign I would hold up for myself..hmmm..aloof. How's that? I'm not really, just like the word! Happy time changing!

  5. That is one cute tortoise/turtle!
    I do really know a kitty named Newton...LOL!

    Time change...Phooey and more phooey!

  6. The turtle fetching the ball in the water made me laugh. I was surprised how fast Newton moved for a tortoise.

  7. We're all for the changin' of the clocks at my house. Yup, we most certainly are. BECAUSE WE CHANGE the clocks in the spring, we get an extra hour in the evenin' for walkin' or gardenin' or whatever when the weather is warm and enjoyable outside. And BECAUSE WE CHANGE the clocks in the fall, it's not so hard to wake up in the mornings 'cause it's still dark at 8am. The sun rose at seven this mornin'. Hasn't done that in a while.

    Now from what I've heard, back in the pre olden days before even dinosaurs roamed the Earth, in Scotland, they changed the clocks FOUR TIMES every year durin' WWII. That's a bit excessive, I think, but changing 'em twice? I'm all for that, I am. I am! I am. MOUSES!

  8. Cute tortoise and the cartoon is funny. :)

  9. Cool pictures of Newton!!!!
    Looks like he has a good life :)
    Purrs, Julie

  10. Okay, here's the naked truth. Only I know when I have dinner and that's 6pm on that other time, whatever that was, daylight savings, it is called, because REAL TIME is now, I am told and frankly, I like that OTHER one much better beause now I show up for my dinner at the CORRECT time, (was 6pm) and it is FIVE O'CLOCK and mama says, LOULOU what are you doing here. You have to wait an hour for kibble! No way, Jose. This time may be the real time, but I like that OTHER ONE called Daylight Savings. Everyone thinks that THIS is Daylight Savings but they are wrong. Look it up. You'll see that Daylight Savings is much more in line with when I EAT than what is happeing now. Just trying to set the record straight,

  11. Time, time, time ~ never seems to be the "right time", does it?
    Hello Newton, glad you won the race!

  12. How fun! And yes, Tortoise Docent sounds good to me!

  13. I never minded the time change. ~shrugs~ But it's understandable that most hate it. Be well!


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