Friday, November 18, 2022

Cat Stuff Everywhere!

If you think I only find hidden cats in Van Gogh paintings, think again!

I see cat stuff everywhere.
Weird three headed, third-eye cat sticker on car in Detroit.
Detroit cat hanging out; too 'round' to be a stray!
Cat rear-window wiper, snapped nearer to home.
First cat we've seen in Paddy's backyard in months.

Goes to show; keep your eyes open to cat stuff.


  1. And maybe Black Cat in your yard might be an eventual fourth indoor panther??!

  2. Love that cat tail wiper. Hmmm, I wonder who Paddy sent?

  3. I love that cat stuff is everywhere. Love that photo of the new cat in the yard.

  4. So looking forward to perhaps knowing that panfur better there in the back yard.

  5. Super cute ('cept maybe that three-header one!)

  6. Hee! Hee! Great feline photos! The last one of the cat in Paddy's backyard looks remarkably like the cat in Van Gough's painting! Purrhaps an omen. Purrs Marv


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