20 November, 2022

Where Does The Time Go?

 Farewell Chuck: 11/20/2017

Where does the time go?

Celestial Chuck may have left us, but our love for him continues.

Instead of feeling blue, I found a few photo fails of him that made me smile:

Whoa; four eyes!
Blurry, but atmospheric
Is that Chuck or the screen?
(Not a fail!)
So handsome
What a cat!

P.S. The Hubby and I will enjoy an incredibly large number wedding anniversary today.
Where does the time go?😹


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! That is a handsome photo of Chuck. Indeed, where does the time go? He left the same year as Flynn.

  2. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    Love those pics - especially the one with four eyes (mol)!

  3. Chuck was indeed handsome. I like especially the picture of him near the lighted door. Happy anniversary! And yes, get time to slow down, just a little...


  4. So nice to see celestial Chuck .I agree, time passes way too quickly. How did I ever get this old :/
    In body only, my brain feels much younger, and who cares if I forget things ;)
    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!!!!!!!!!!
    Julie and I hope you enjoy this special day!!
    Hugs and Purrs, Nancy and Julie

  5. Sending you hugs as you remember your sweet boy. XO

  6. Aw, handsome Chuck. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Chuck is magnificent! As are you and your Hubby! Concatulations on the large number of years, may you two have a large number more! Happy Anniversary!

  8. It's nice to see Angel Chuck. Happy Anniversary from all of us!!!

  9. And many more--anniversaries and years remembering Angel Chuck.

  10. Oh, Chuckie. What a boy. We miss him.

    Happy anniversary, a bit late!

  11. What a beautiful boy. I'm shocked that our dear Luna has been gone since August of 2014. We still miss her.

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Concatulations on the Wedding Anniversary and thanks for the smile, sweet four-eyed Angel😸Extra Four Pawkisses for the occassion🐾😽💞


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