02 June, 2023

Let's Help The Creative Cat!

Bernadette Kazmarski is an talented artist, a terrific human being, and cat lover!

Her last post on her blog The Creative Cat reveals that she has four cats who are ailing:

Mr. Sunshine
Jelly Bean

I've been gifted and purchased several items from The Creative Cat over the years; below are just three items, and I haven't mentioned the wonderful greeting cards she creates.
14 August, 2020
20 December, 2021

28 April, 2022
Please consider making a purchase from Portraits of Animals to help her fund veterinary costs, and to enliven your life with artwork that will make you smile.

Thank you.

I purchased items from Bernadette Kazmarski at Portrait Of Animals for myself, to give to friends and family, and was presented with the Celestial P'OM memorial votive candle by Bernadette as a gift.
 I will order more items in the future!
I post about things that I believe will interest my readers, and for no monetary compensation.

Hang in there, Bernadette!

We are all purring for your babies.


  1. She sure makes lovely things! I hope her fur-kids will get the vet assistance they need. Sending a ton of POTP their way.

  2. We're sorry that we are not in a position to help at this time, but hope that many others do..

    The Chans

  3. Those are beautiful items!

  4. That's so nice to help with the Creative Cat. She is really creative and talented.

  5. Her art really is lovely, really!

  6. She is so talented and very kind to help so many kitties. XO

  7. OMG, thank you so much!! This was not the day to have internet and email glitches or I would have seen this hours ago. All the things I make from my art to handmade goods are based on real cats, cats I've rescued and fostered and loved--that's what inspired it. And, yes, money is flying around for cats right now so any purchase is welcome.


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