07 April, 2014

Houston, We Have a Toof Problem

Sammy on 3/30

  Morning of 4/5, and there's a toof sticking out!
I noticed something odd about Sammy Saturday morning.  Well, Houston...we have a problem!  On the lower photo, you can just make out a white speck on Sammy's lower lip.  It's a tooth!  One of the lower canines is bent, or broken.  That is probably why he stopped eating kibble as I noted a few days ago.  DUH!  But, as you can see by the upper 3/30 photo, the snaggletooth is a new development.

Obviously, this situation cannot continue.

Now, I've attempted to trap Sammy at least three times in the last couple of years.  He would not go near the trap, pictured below.  He's no dummy!

He's not gonna like it, but that mouth has to be seen by a veterinarian, and sooner rather than later.  I've placed the drop trap box on the deck on Sunday, and let it just sit there.  This afternoon, I set the trap by placing the stick-with-string up under it, then I've been ignoring it.  I'll start moving the food bowls closer, then closer.  Once Sammy gets comfortable moving under the trap, then at the right moment, I'll pull the string and drop the trap around him.  I dislike all of the time that must pass, because I'm sure that mouth is sore.  But, I've got to go slow so I can succeed this time.  Once he's inside the trap, I will place a carrier up to the trap door on the side, and he'll walk into the smaller space, then voila!  Cat in a carrier, and off to the vet's office we go.  Am confident that they'll be able to fix him up, and he should be able to get back into the yard after a day or two recuperation.   

Of course, this is a busy week at the office, and my worry-about-cats-o-meter is spiking heavily.  No use making an appointment with the vet's office, since I do not know when I'll catch Sammy, or when I can get there.  So many unknowns...except one: Sammy needs some assistance, and I will do everything I possibly can to get him help.


  1. Please keep us posted! Poor guy...we're purring HARD.

  2. Poor boy! I hope he lets you get it fixed for him!

  3. Poor baby...that has to hurt :(

  4. Oh no, poor Sammy. But he is such a lucky boy to have you taking care of him. I hope you will be able to trap him and take him to the vet.

  5. We hope you can trap him and have that toof checked.

  6. Poor Sammy! We hope your patience is rewarded SOON.

  7. Isn't that always the way? The hardest part of medical treatment is catchin' the cat. At least, that's what the peep says.


  8. I hope you can catch Sammy. He looks a lot like our stray Squatty, who doesn't appear to be doing well the past couple weeks. Unfortunately, there's no way I can trap Squatty - he's too wary. I hope Sammy lets down his guard enough for you to trap him and get him to the vet. Paws crossed for you.


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