22 April, 2014

Chucky's Ducky Gets Around Some More

On the bedroom floor

Snuggled with Chuck on the Rocking Chair
We just never know where Ducky will end up!  

And some pics taken during the delightful warm weather!

The Cat Hotel is almost ready for business!

Mama Mia taking a selfie
Napping Sammy

Fatty Patty getting comfy
Love that tail curl, and the ears shadow!


  1. Chuck and I could be twins! And not only that, but apparently he is very mindful of his toys, too!

    And OMC, we love the cat hotel! That is very cool!

    P.S. I'm pretty sure my cat dad was a black and white. He actually mated with my cat mom twice and she was pregnant with her second litter when my mom rescued us. She had three more babies in addition to me (my litter mate sister was rescued by my mom's friend), so at one point there were seven cats in that apartment! I'm happy to say that all found homes.

  2. Haha, toys keep moving in our house, too! Sounds like Ducky is Chucky's favorite toy :-)
    The cat hotel looks fantastic. I'm sure the hotel will get very busy once it opens!

  3. Hey Patty - your ear shadow makes you look like catwoman!!! or batman! or BOTH

  4. Chucky Ducky is a lot like my Mr. Moose. He gets around too. And is found in the strangest places.


  5. You finally got some nice weather! I hope spring is there to stay and you have lots of sunshine from now on.


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