01 April, 2014

Two Odd But Beautiful Cat Stories

One of the only flower photos that I have!
Crocus in Spring 2010
Story #1

I dreamt last night that I came upon a house, surrounded by a white picket fence.  Inside this fence, were many black and white, and orange and white cats and kittens.  There were at least three adults, and maybe two kittens.  Their fur colorings were extraordinary; sharp whites, deep blacks, and electric orange.  As I approached the picket fence, all of the cats walked toward me, and I bent over the fence to pet them.  But here's the odd but beautiful part: all of the cats appeared to have tiny flowers growing at the ends of their fur!  Kind of like babies-breath...small, dainty petals, but they didn't come off as I petted them.  At first, it was as if they all rolled in something, and I tried to brush it away.  But the flowers were a part of their fur!  Crazy, but delightful!

Sammy as the sun sets, 3/31/14
Story #2

Sammy has had me concerned for awhile.  As the winter dragged on...and on...and on...he became timid with me, and ran to hide in a shelter or under something instead of letting me pet him.  I noticed that his fur was looking a bit unkempt, and then he stopped eating kibble.  I was getting worried that he was in pain, or had bad teeth.  But as the temps have warmed a bit, Sammy has been more active, and actively engages with me for attention.  He continues to refuse kibble, and I always give out kibble as the last snack of the evening, before I pick up the food bowls and call it a night.  But here's the odd but beautiful part: today, when Sammy was all lovey-dovey but wouldn't eat kibble from the bowl, I tipped some out onto the wooden feeding platform...and Sammy went to town eating each kernel!  Wha?  He ate up everything, so I poured out some more.  Why kibble in a bowl bothers him now, but eating some from the floor is okay?  Crazy, but I am truly delighted that he seems to be coming out of his winter blues!


  1. Nice stories both!

    Do you know Caroline would *prefer* not to have a bowl for crunchies? She always pulls some out with her paw and then eats.

    Of course, this is the same cat my mom used to feed canned food to from a tea cup, just so Caroline--with her head stuck down in it while she ate--would think no one could see her.

  2. Glad to hear that Sammy is doing better. Sammy may not like his whiskers touching the bowl. Some cats are sensitive to that.

  3. I love both stories very much!
    What a odd but beautiful dream. Kitties with flowers as part of their coat :-) Maybe the dream indicates spring is coming?
    And glad Sammy began to eat well again. I guess it tastes better to eat off the floor...for some reason :-)

  4. Could it have somethin' to do with his whiskers touchin' the bowl? Our whiskers are super sensitive, as I am sure you already know. One of the attractions of puddle water, I do believe. That, and the fact that it just tastes so utterly delicious.


  5. Skootch tends to pull out extra chewy things from his bowl and eat them on the floor. I never knew about sensitive whiskers! I'm glad Sammy is eating his kibble!


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