Friday, April 18, 2014

We Have Magic Cats!

What?  I'm awake, and I was here the whole time!

Feed me now, or else!
Incredible!  I enter the house after a day's work.  Silence.  Other than hubby, there is nothing moving; no sounds.  So I put away my now-empty lunch box, kick off my shoes, and divest myself of the work day's clothes and stuff.

The 'o' cats are ready for their meal in the deck, so I step into the kitchen.  I open the refrigerator, pull out needed supplies, then close the door.  And Voila!  Angel and Chuck have appeared from NOWHERE!!  How do they do that?  They were not there a second ago, but presto-change-o and now they are dancing in the kitchen for a meal.

We must have magic cats!  They can materialize out of thin air!  Amazing!


  1. That's in our DNA!

    When we used to live in our house and my mom got home from work, all she had to do was call "Hi, boys!" and all of us--even Olivia, Pee Queen and Caroline--would come running! Now, though, no one wants to go all the way down the stairs to greet her. In fact, since she's mostly here anyway, the thrill of first sight has waned if she's just gone to the store or something. :-)

  2. Yeah, we're like that too. And we do a great disappearing act when the PTU comes out of the closest!

  3. LOL! They sure are magic cats! Or they might have invisibility cloak :-) My boys are sometimes like that and we call them ninja cat!

  4. We kitties are happy to appear when there's something in it for us. No mystery ;-) You Humans are a LOT more interesting when the fridge is open. Just sayin'.

  5. Hi Kitties! Hope you and your Peeps had a wonderful Easter! XOXOXO


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