14 July, 2014

Random Kitty Stuff

Sleeping Graham
Adorable Annie
Floofy Angel
Check out the cute top I found, for knocking around the house.  It's incredibly soft, which makes perfect pajama-wear.  A bargain from a re-sale shop!  Don't be jealous, Sheebie from Katnip Lounge!

Next, the photo of Graham was taken while he was asleep IN MY LAP!  Yep, my lap, and it was a joy to have him there for a long time.  Little Annie was just so adorable too.  Both looking for a furrever home!  Once again, I joined the Paws for the Cause crew this weekend during their adoption event.  Their big project last week was to trap an entire feral colony, to relocate them to their new home on an organic farm.  The old property was sold to developers, and will soon have large equipment moving around.  Re-trapping feral cats is NOT easy, since they avoid the traps!  Also, a feral cat colony must be contained for a period of time, since they can run away to find their old location.  Fortunately, the farm has a suitable place where the cats will have lots of room and shelters, but they won't be able to get out.  Once they are acclimated to the new surroundings, then they will remain close at hand.

And then a photo of Angel, taken just moments ago.  She is my honey-bunny, my little cookie, my floofy sweetie.  She's just plain cute!


  1. Love that top, it does look super comfy!
    Graham and Annie are so adorable. Relocating the entire feral colony sounds really hard. I hope they get settled in the new location.
    That's such a cute picture of your Angel. She is such a sweetie :-)

  2. What a trio of cuties! We love the top, too!

    I hope your feral project was very successful! Ferals will simply hide when they're scared by equipment, and that can lead to terrible tragedy. That sort of thing happened here several years ago, but thankfully we have feral rescue groups now too.

  3. Thankfully I hate Hello Kitty :) But...I love the REAL kitties you have featured here! xoxo

  4. That top is very cute! We bet it would be nice to lay on. :)

  5. Nice top, but we LOVE the kitties!


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