28 July, 2014

Farewell again, Sammy

On my phone
Caught in the trap
Today, I paid the credit card bill for Sammy's visit to the veterinarian.  I also deleted from my phone the last live photo I have of Sammy, taken when he was in the drop trap and getting ready to move into the humane trap (covered in an old brown sheet).  Of course I have the image saved on my computer, but it's kind of like he's leaving me all over again.  Who knew I was so sentimental?  The top photo is a screen from my phone, which I plan to keep for a very long time.  Sammy now rests peaceful in the heart-shaped box on top of my dresser.  I KNOW he's wondering why I am making such a fuss over his passing, because cats do not think the way humans do.  'Cause I miss you, big guy!


  1. Thanks, I'm feeling a bit blue about Sammy.

  2. My mom understands completely. :-(

  3. The Human understands how hard it is, and how much time it takes for the sadness to lighten.
    I think we kitties are more understanding of the circle of life and all, and we know we will all see one another somehow over the Bridge. XOXOXOXO & Purrs

  4. Oh, it's so hard...they always leave a hole in your heart.

  5. Hugs to you. Sammy stays in your heart forever xoxo

  6. Oh...they sure do get into your heart, don't they? (((hugs)))

    Island Cat Mom


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