18 July, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday, Angel and Chuck!

Kitten Chuck
Kitten Angel
A year old
Two years
Three years
Five years, watching the squirrel
Seven years old

Chucky today!
Angel today!
Very Happy Birthday Wishes to my sweet kitties!  
A can of cat tuna for dinner tonight, with kibble garnish!

Things You May Not Know About Chuck:
He likes to hide under a blanket when he naps
Had a spinal adjustment by an animal chiropractor
Scratches at our jeans when he's hungry or lonely
Demands a taste of any food going to the 'o' cats
Is missing the inside claw from back left paw
Chuck is his nickname; his real name is Chocolate, for his dark brown fur as a wee kitten
Went missing outside for ten hours, once

Things You May Not Know About Angel:
She LOVES to eat cobwebs
Hides in the corner of the bathroom during storms or fireworks
She has a tiny cyst in the corner of her right eye
Starts meowing every morning when she hears a human stirring
Was locked in a closet for half a day, slept in the clothes hamper until liberated
Chews on papers and boxes
Other names considered: Elsie, Daisy, Princess
Hisses and growls at any garbage or fire truck that rolls down the street


  1. Happy Birthday, Angel and Chuck! We love seeing the pictures of how you grew up.

  2. Oh, what sweet photos of these two beautiful kids! Happy, happy birthday to Chuck and Angel!

    I love that Chuck is a nickname! And Angel eating cobwebs? Ha ha ha! I don't know if I told you, but my old sis Olivia loved to eat black widow spider webs (and only those). It's a good thing that a.) black widows are very shy and b.) she had built the web in a door well and not inside. Of course my mom made Olivia stop eating the web and also coaxed the spider all the way outside to the patio to safety.

  3. Happy 10th Birthday, you two! Enjoy your tuna :)

  4. ewwww eating cobwebs?? YUCK! MOL!! Regardless, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY you adorable cuties!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Angel and Chuck! We hope you're having a great day!

  6. Happy birthday, Chuck and Angel! Those pictures are so cute and sweet! I had no idea Chuck's real name is Chocolate! And Angel, you like to eat cobweb?? Maybe it's like cotton candy to you :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend xoxo

  7. Happy Double-Digit Birthday to you both, Angel and Chuck! You two have some wonderfully endearing habits.

  8. Happy Birthdays!
    Raven is like Angel, she loves to eat spider webs.

  9. Happy 10th Birthday Chuck and Angel :)
    We wish you both many more!
    Georgia likes to snooze undercover sometimes ;)
    We don`t think anycat has tried eating cobwebs.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Hey! I just turned 10 years old too! 2004: It was VERY good vintage, don't you think so?


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