29 July, 2014

Book Review: An Unlikely Cat Lady by Nina Malkin

An unlikely cat lady: feral adventures in the backyard jungle, by Nina Malkin

Guilford: Lyons Press, c2007, 182 pages

What do you do when there is a stray cat...with kittens...in your yard?  Nina embarks on a journey, like so many of us did, by feeding the family and providing shelter.  Then she learns about TNR, takes a class, and the story takes off.  Recounted for our reading pleasure, Nina discusses her inner turmoils, and love, that comes from trying to help feral cats in an urban setting.  Family members, friends, and neighbors are woven in and out of Nina's desire to help the cats.  There is hilarity, passion, tears, and some just plain dumb luck, and I identified with her every move and feeling.

This is not a recent book, but look it up in your local library or used-book store, and give yourself a couple of hours to walk with Nina and her husband as they try to make a home in their backyard for some Brooklyn cats.  I enjoyed the story, and I know you will too.

Go to http://www.ninamalkin.com/ for more information about all of Nina Malkin's writings.


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