04 July, 2014

Closed for Renovation

Mousies!  It's MOLD!  The Cat Hotel has it, so we've stripped everything out, and given it a good wash, then a bleach bath.  The hubby has made a new lid, since the old one was why water leaked in.  It was totally gross, and I apologized to Mama Mia and Patty O' for giving them less than stellar accommodations.  Tomorrow, I will paint the inside with stuff that kills germs and mold, and seals the wood.  Once that has properly dried, we'll reinstall the flooring and fill it with clean, fresh straw.  Fortunately, we still have the old insulated shelter built five years ago, so the 'o' cats have a place to crash during the renovations.

And I've been worried about their health recently.  Mama was sneezing, and it sounded like she was underwater.  Patty has been quieter, almost introspective, and his lymph nodes under his chin are a bit swollen.  And why shouldn't they be sick, surrounded by slimy mold!?  Oh!!!!  If I hadn't have been nosey and popped open The Cat Hotel top to see how the straw was holding up, I wouldn't have guessed there was a problem.  When I saw—and smelled—the mold, it was all hands on deck between the hubby and I to throw out everything inside, then wash and bleach.

To help boost their immune systems, I add a bit of powdered Vitamin C, a sprinkle of Echinacea and Goldenseal, some granulated L-Lysine, and a spoonful of nutritional yeast to each meal.  Now that they are no longer exposed to mold, I am hoping they both improve.  Yikes, just thinking about it is giving me the willies!  They both are eating just fine, btw.  Mousies!

P.S. Angel is hiding in the corner of the bathroom, under the claw-foot bathtub.  She HATES fireworks.  Chucky is ignoring them, except the really big, deep ones that rattle. Patty O' and Mama Mia are simply lounging on the deck.  Obviously, they can tell the difference between fireworks and thunder.  Happy July 4th, everyone!  I hit some good sales today, so I'm pretty pleased (a future post!), except for the mold thing.  Mousies!


  1. I'm sorry about the mold in the hotel. Kitties will understand, all the buildings need renovation from time to time :-) I sure hope their health concerns will be cleared. I add probiotics to my boys' meal to help boost immune system. One of my boys was under the bed last night. The other doesn't care. Either way, glad fireworks are over for now! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Oh dear, what a terrible thing to happen after all that work! But I'm sure it will be even better when it's done.

    We don't like fireworks at all, especially those screamy ones, but Elliott was the only one who hid. The worst is over now but we'll hear them for the next few nights.

  3. Good thing your humans are so conscientious! They will have your kitty hotel right as rain in no time.
    We don't much like fireworks, either.

  4. Well, at least you discovered it and are cleaning up the mold. We hope the kitties feel better.

    We had fire-boomers last night and peeps are still shooting off firecrackers today. We'll be glad when this weekend is over.

  5. Let's hope the mold scrubbing will take care of everyone's health issues.


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