07 July, 2014


My little cat statue area
The blue porcelain cat was only $5! 

On July 4, with a day off from work, my friend and I went SHOPPING!  Good sales everywhere, but we were hunting in the resale shops.  Looking to update our wardrobes,  we spent some money and had a great time together.  I managed to purchase a blue-and-white porcelain cat, so I added it to my wall of cat stuff.    The 'Cats Welcome' sign was found at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  The maneki-neko was a gift from my sister and family for an important birthday, and after setting it on the shelf, I found a job a couple of weeks later.  Coincidence...?  I think not!  That's why it's still sitting there after four years!  The cat painted with flowers was found in the basement; we think it was an art project by one of the hubby's sisters years ago.  Oh, and the glass thing in the middle is an antique mail box, which was still is use on our house until we decided it was too valuable to allow to remain outside.  Glass mail box...how weird is that!
Mama Mia looking good in the sunshine

Patty ALWAYS photobombs Mia!

Mia's back toes; think she may have injured the one foot that appears pink 

The now mold-free and freshly painted Cat Hotel is airing out; all seams are caulked.  While home at lunch today, the deck was Mama Mia's lazy spot, and she allowed me to snap some photos of her...until Patty got between us again!  Mia was limping for a few days; looks like she may have scuffed her toe pads on one foot; they usually are dark brown/black like the rest of her.  Today she is walking totally normal, and both Mia and Patty appear to be in good shape—perhaps my worries about the mold affecting their health may have been a bit overwrought.   I'm such a helicopter cat-mom!


  1. We know that sunshine is good for cats, too. Mama Mia looks like she doesn't have a care in the world.

  2. Your wall of cat stuff display is very lovely! The porcelain cat is so cute :-) I've never seen glass mail box before.
    I'm glad Mama Mia and Patty seem to be well. They are lucky to have you to care for them xoxo

  3. The kitties look like they are doing very well. I'm sure they appreciate the cleaned up cat hotel. A glass mailbox--how odd? I'd have brought it inside, too.

  4. MM and Patty look quite content. I know they love your attention!

    We love your indoor cat collection too!

  5. that was one productive and FUN shopping trip!

  6. The mom LOVES that cat sign so much!

  7. We like that sign, too! Well, you know, kitties get vitamin D from the sun, and sun is good fro getting rid of mold, so O cats in the sun is good!

  8. Wow--we LOVES that blue and white kitty. Probably doesn't eat much, either ;-) We are glad your little footie is okay now, Mama Mia--those pink toesies are quite fetching!

  9. Nothing wrong with being a helicopter kitty mom in our opinions (and as cats, you know we always have opinions)! We love your kitty area! Purrs...


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