22 July, 2014


Where is Mia?
Oh, there she is!

The two images at the top were taken last night.  Mia just wanted to be left alone!  

I took the video today at lunchtime.  This was a short attack; often, she heaves like that for minutes, and many, MANY sneezes or coughs.  I believe it is asthma...what do you think?  She's only half-feral now, but I cannot hold or touch her more than a few quickie strokes on her back or a scritchy under the chin.  Time to read some more homeopathic books to see if there is an herb or combination of herbs that I may be able to add to her food to help.  

On the happy side, thanks for the greetings sent for Angel and Chuck.  They don't care for birthdays, and I wish I could emulate their casualness toward gaining another year.

But here's some sad news: Sugarbear in FL was too sick to stay here on Earth, so she's crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was 15 pounds when first diagnosed with kidney failure, and was down to just over six pounds yesterday.  A few purrs would help the whole family, so send some along.  My heartfelt condolences to P and M, and the rest of Cat Crew.
Rest in peace, sweet Sugarbear


  1. Mama Mia's condition is concerning. I hope you can find a good remedy.
    I'm so sorry to hear about Sugarbear. Sending prayers and warm thoughts to her family...

  2. I don't know what's happening with Mia, but Elliott goes on these major sneezing jags once or twice a week. We just think it's because he doesn't have any other way to clear his little nose! (Really, he doesn't have anything wrong with him.)

    Mia almost looks as if she has a hairball she's trying to expel. Maybe you just don't get to see where she finally leaves it?

  3. I am hoping you find out what is going on with Mia, poor thing. So sorry about sweet Sugarbear. xoxo

  4. Nice lasers, Mia! We hope you can find some way to help her stop having those attacks.

    And purrs to Sugarbear's family.

  5. Laser eyes are a dead give-away!
    Can you show that video to your vet? That may help figure out what's wrong and what an appropriate treatment might be.


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