Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello to Hobo

Spring 2009
Brought Sweetie to lunch
Winter 2010
Not afraid of the camera!
Last visit in 2011
Today: Living Large
Today: Looking Good!
Today I ran into an old friend...Hobo!  We first met in 2009, when Hobo showed up in our backyard.  Hobo faithfully showed up twice a day for meals for years.  He brought Sweetie to the food bowls when she was heavily pregnant (we had not seen her prior to that), and he even babysat her two kittens, (neither looked like Hobo).  We TNR'd both of them.  Hobo stopped coming around about the same time Patty O'Malley showed up, in 2012.  Hobo apparently simply moved down the alley to the other end of the block, and it appears that several kind people feed him.  I only hope someone has also made him a nice warm shelter too, but I just like to be able to visit him from time to time to say hello.  One gentleman I met says he calls the cat O.C., for Outside Cat.  He will always be Hobo to us.


  1. You live on a block of kind people...thank goodness Hobo is looked after. He's a lucky guy.

  2. Some neighborhood cats have it made. We're glad Hobo (or O.C.) is in one of those good neighborhoods!

  3. Hobo is so sweet to have babysat the kitten. He is very handsome boy. Glad nice neighbors are taking care of him :-)

  4. Yippee for Hobo! Looking good, he is! Thank you for helping celebrate Pia and Dexter's love anniversary today! Purrs...

  5. He sure looks like he has lots of folks caring for him! :-)

  6. We're so glad Hobo is being taken care of. He seems like a friendly guy.

  7. "Hobo" is an adorable cat with an adorable name!


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